Peacock by Ludvig Löfgren - LIMITED EDITION - votive candleholder - 34134

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MJ34135 Peacock by Ludvig Löfgren - Limited Edition, cast iron & crystal sculpture for votive or candle. Handcrafted crystal sculpture is produced in a limited edition of 299 pcs, depicting a large pheasant with its tail spread, demonstrating its beautiful feathers with moon-like spots. Hand-painted with organic paint and signed on the bottom.

Colour: green / blue / yellow

W x H = 220 x 210 mms / 8 ½ x 8 ½ ''

Origin country: Sweden

Export country: Estonia

Customs Tariff Code: 97030000


Manufacturer: Rootsi / Sweden
Material: Kristall, raud, orgaaniline värv / Crystal, iron, organic paint
Weight: 4 kg
Use: Dekoratsiion / Decoration
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Ref nr MJ68130 Mats Jonasson IRON & CRYSTAL Aristocat III Sculpture made of crystal and iron mounted on an oak*(Quercus Robur)base. Sculpture Aristocat III is handmade, signed and is produced in a limited edition.

Colour: grey / yellow

H = 285 mm / 11''

Oak base*

Plant scientific name: Quercus Robur

Country of harvest: Slovenia

Quantity of plant material: 0,000616 m3 or

140mms x 110mms x 40mms

Percent recycled: SSC 100% certificate

HS Code: 9703.00.00

Country of Origin: Sweden

Country of Export: Estonia


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