Mats Jonasson IRON & CRYSTAL - LIMITED EDITION Wall Sculpture 'Ymer III' - 68048

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Ref nr MJ68048. Mats Jonasson IRON & CRYSTAL - LIMITED EDITION wall sculpture entitled "Ymer III"

Colour: red / brown / blue

W x H = 480 x 1020 mm / 19 x 40 '' Measurements include the black board

HS Code: 9703.00.00

Country of Origin: Sweden

Country of Export: Estonia

Ref nr MJ68048. Mats Jonasson IRON & CRYSTAL - LIMITED EDITION wall sculpture entitled "Ymer III" is  a unique and exceptional expression of the artist's personal vision and talent. Mesmerizing sky blue eyes, rich colours and sleek polished iron element to create a spectacular centrepiece for your home or office. Handmade and hand-painted, using organic paint in consideration of environmental responsibilities. The sculpture is mounted on a MDF board, painted white. The cast crystal is sandblasted, painted and enhanced by hand engraving. The T-shaped iron centrepiece is cast and polished. This work of art is handmade, signed and is produced in a limited edition of 49 pcs only!

Colour: red / brown / blue

W x H = 420 x 600 mm / 16 ½ x 23 ½ '' Measurements include the white board

HS Code: 9703.00.00

Name Ymir comes from Norse mythology, he is a giant and forebear of all the Norse gods and goddesses. A moon of Saturn is named Ymir. Did you notice a design of young moon, that shows over the sculpture forehead?

Material: Iron & Crystal, medium-density fibreboard, organic paint
Width: 42 cm
Height: 60 cm
Weight (net): 12 kg
Weight: 34 kg
Package size: Wooden container, W x H x D = 65 x 80 x 44 cm
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